Online Publications

Essays and Reviews

Rising Food Insecurity in the Andes
(Aumento de la inseguridad alimentaria en los Andes)
Manzano Chura, Hilda and F. Li (2022, September) NACLA.

Global Quinoa and Andean Foodways
Li, F. & Urdanivia, C. (2020). Food First: Institute for Food & Development Policy

How An Innovative Grain CSA Encourages Sustainable Food Systems
Li, F. (2019, December). FoodTank.

The Defeat of Pascua Lama
Li, F. (2016, March 9). North American Congress on the Americas (NACLA).

Film Review: The Superfood Chain
Li, F. (2020). Canadian Food Studies/La Revue Canadienne Des études Sur l’alimentation, 7(1), 189-191.

Film Review: When Two Worlds Collide
Li, F. (2017). (El Choque de dos Mundos). Directed by Heidi Brandenberg and Mathew Orsel. Yachaywasi Films. European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies. 104: July-December.